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Our Property Management service means we take care of the day to day hassle of managing your property. No more headaches! Our professional team works with corporate clients and individual landlords to manage their residential properties.

For investors we offer an unrivalled start up property management solution and our goal is to make owning your investment properties as care free and profitable as possible!

Below is a list of the many services we provide along with a brief description of each:

Property advertising

Siam Property Group offer some of the most effective and creative advertising techniques (with newspapers, website, direct email….) in an effort to promote your property to as wide an audience as possible.

Lease Agreement

Siam Property Group ensures that your lease agreement is in your best interest and tailored to your property. Standard leases are available but may be customized to meet specific criteria. If the tenant if found by Siam Property Group, we will draw up the lease agreement and after review by all parties, have it signed in our offices.

Inventory check and unit handover

Siam Property Group check and record the condition of the property and its furniture and fittings before the tenant moves in and after they leave, and ensure that the cost of all damages (not the result of normal wear and tear) are borne by the tenant.

Repairs and Maintenance

Siam Property Group takes care of your units as if they were our own. We maintain high standards for upkeep, cleanliness and functionality. We arrange for any internal repairs that are necessary to be carried out and charge the cost to the tenant or landlord. If the unit is empty we will thoroughly clean and make sure the unit is well presented for tenant viewings and move in.

Rent Collection

Siam Property Group collects monthly rentals from the tenant and deposit to the landlord.

Refund of Deposit

Siam Property Group recommends the amount of the deposit to be refunded after deduction of repairs.

Tenant control

Siam Property Group ensures that tenants comply with the terms of their agreement.

Tenant Liaison

Siam Property Group provides a point of contact and deal with any complications promptly.

Monthly Reporting

Siam Property Group provides you with monthly and yearly statements. These will outline income and any pre-approved expenses incurred during the month.

Property Management Rates

Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the gross rent per month and the number of units we manage for each client. There is a minimum charge per month and per unit but the more units you have with us, the more you will save. Our rates are very competitive already the lowest in Bangkok to begin with.

We have more detailed information upon request. For more information please contact us at +66 81 867 2917 or thru the contact form

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